Reiki Energy and Animal Communication For your Pets

Offering Reiki Energy and Animal Communication
For Pets In Need Around The World

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What Is Reiki For Pets International?

Reiki for Pets International is a business I started in order to offer Reiki energy healing to pets and animals around the world.

Your pets may benefit from Reiki if they are not feeling well, or are showing symptoms of anxiety or pain. Pets that are at the end stages of life will also feel more peaceful, calm and supported by this healing energy. Many clients have observed their pets demonstrating a rebound of energy and improved comfort levels.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher trained in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage of Reiki. I offer remote Reiki sessions to your pets to ease any physical or emotional discomfort they may be having and to support them in their bodies while they are here with us on this earth. Most sessions are 30 minutes in length, and I work with a photograph of your pet. You may choose to go with one session or book several at one time. By utilizing my Reiki skills I can help animals and pets to live healthier, happier and more comfortable lives.

“I was referred to Nancy when my 2-year-old orange tabby cat injured his hind leg and needed surgery. The primary care vet suggested we amputate, but the surgeon wanted to do exploratory surgery and try to save the leg. Nancy communicated with him and worked with him before, during, and after his surgery. There was a distinct change in my cat’s behavior before and after the reiki sessions. Typically, my cat hates getting in the car and going to the vet, but on the day of the surgery, he was so calm and brave. The doctor was able to save his leg. I truly believe that if not for Nancy, the outcome of my cat’s surgery would have been different. He healed much quicker than the vet and I were expecting.

Nancy also communicated with my childhood cat that passed away. She told me details that no one else would know, and I uncovered old pictures that reaffirmed what she said. It was such a beautiful experience.

“Nancy is incredibly talented. It was painful to watch my cat suffer, and seeing him fully healed is one of the greatest gifts. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs healing or wants to connect with their pets on a deeper level.”


“I very highly recommend Reiki for Pets International services! Nancy has provided Reiki sessions for all three of my dogs. Using a picture of each of my dogs, Nancy conducted three, remote fifteen-minute Reiki sessions with each individual animal. After each dog’s individual session, she promptly provided feedback from the session. Through the Reiki sessions, Nancy was able to channel each dog’s individual personality, including odd quirks. She described their current emotional and physical well-being and even mentioned physical symptoms / health issues that would later be confirmed through veterinary diagnosis. Nancy’s thorough description of all three dogs included graphic imagery that enriched the experience and further demonstrated her complete knowledge of the dogs. The entire experience had the feel of the divine. I will definitely utilize Nancy’s Reiki services again, especially as I begin to grapple with pets’ end of life issues. Nancy is truly gifted!”

Lisa Tilley, Raleigh NC

Mission Statement: Reiki for Pets International

Reiki for Pets International provides healing support for your beloved pets by offering conveniently scheduled remote Reiki sessions. Reiki is proven to be beneficial to pets that are experiencing stress, pain, depression and chronic health problems. I am committed to improving the quality of life of your pets by using this natural healing process that when activated, brings your pets into better harmony and accelerates the body’s natural healing abilities.

Reiki for Pets International