Stories From Reiki Sessions

Reiki for Pets – A Testimonial to a Mini-dachshund’s Crossing Over the Rainbow Bridge during Remote Reiki (Hans Harrell)

Recently, a client requested that I give Reiki to her mini-dachshund, Hans Harrell, while he was at the vet’s, crossing the Rainbow Bridge. It was a moving moment for her, as she and Hans had kept him alive during kidney disease for over a year. But he was sixteen and a half and the time had come. The two were very close. Margaret Harrell, whose name I use with permission, and her little dog Hans, actually first met because I told her about him after his previous “mom” passed away, leaving him homeless at two and a half.

While I’d never before offered Reiki during a pet’s moment of transition, Margaret was insistent; she was sure it was right for Hans and would help her tremendously, so I quickly agreed. Otherwise, she did not know how she could go through with it. I had met Margaret back in 2005, when she requested Reiki and animal communication to support her beloved eighteen-year-old dachshund Snoopy. That in itself was quite memorable, but to transmit Reiki during the actual moment of passing was a real step into new territory. I was excited and honored to see what such a sensitive and private time might bring. As I had provided Reiki sessions for Hans before during some of his painful challenges that last year of his life, I was well aware he had made it clear to me that he was now ready to go and be free of a body that was no longer supporting him.

I never know what to expect during my Reiki sessions with pets. The animals may communicate with me or they may not. Usually they do. What I do know is that the Reiki always assists them, whether it be in their appetite or in bringing down the level of pain or even changing their behavior when it’s a problem. And based on my clients’ feedback, it makes them feel better overall. When I sit, I first get in touch with the pet, using photos of them as a tool, feel the spiritual and emotional contact, then use the Reiki positions I have mastered over 20years of this work with pets. Try me. I love getting in touch with your pets, working with them in the pictures that come to me, and feeling the reward of how the pet improves as a result, just the way humans respond to Reiki in times when they need calm and healing. Pets too are receptive. I watch them get still, feel the connection as their bodies fall into total relaxation just as Hans did, visibly, during his crossing over.

Reiki Session – Speckle the Cat’s Story

I had no way of knowing, that day when the phone rang and I answered as usual, “Ark Angels Pet Care. This is Nancy, How can I help you?” what an unforgettable experience was on the way.

Her voice was almost trembling. “I’d like to know if you have someone who can come in once or twice a day and offer my cat food and water.” So I began my litany of questions to ascertain if she lived in my service area and to find out more about her needs. She explained that her nineteen-year-old cat was dying from pancreatic cancer and that she needed someone to come in and offer him food and water while she was at work. I could sense the guilt in her voice. She couldn’t take off work to come home and be with her cat to provide consolation and comfort during his final days, and it was clearly breaking her heart.

After getting her location, I told her I would get back in touch and let her know if we could help. She lived in an area where I had very little coverage, but I was a dedicated, focused businesswoman, wanting more than anything to help the potential clients who called me.

When I hung up, it really hit me that this was not a customary service provided by most professional pet sitters. Despite my m misgivings, I called my sitters in her area, both of them—and neither could help at that time. Then I began to ask my peers, “Can anyone help this lady whose cat is dying?” It hadn’t even dawned on me at the time, but when I was phoning back to let her know I hadn’t found anyone who could provide what she asked for, it suddenly came to me to offer Reiki for her cat.

The more I contemplated this, the more it felt like the right thing to do. I called and told her the disappointing news: “I haven’t been able to find anyone who can help you with coming in and offering food and water for Speckle. But I do Reiki and would be happy to offer Speckle Reiki sessions to support her while you’re out.” I explained to her that Reiki is an ancient Oriental healing modality that works with energy and that I had been practicing Reiki for many years. She opted for one session. I would have preferred she have me do three sessions, but I had to trust that she knew the situation best. So with that I scheduled Speckle’s session. On the assigned day and time, I went through my customary preparations.

After a meditation, I smudged and cleared myself and my space, then sent up powerful prayers, calling in Mother Father God, the Archangels individually, Mother Mary and Jesua, Metatron and Melchizedek, the Budda and Krishna, and also St. Francis of Assisi. With that, I began to focus on the photograph she had sent me of Speckle the cat. Closing my eyes, almost immediately I saw a large, beautiful whitish-pink lotus blossom. I’ve learned not to filter my visions or define them unnecessarily. They come through a channel to the Divine, Source Spirit, and I do the best I can to remember everything I see and write it down while it’s still fresh in my Third Eye. All the while, I’m offering Reiki and drawing symbols as I feel called. Speckle showed me his body and where it hurt. He had lost a lot of weight and his hindquarters appeared weakened, so much so that they were beginning not to support his body. He had a sensation of pain in his stomach and a loss of appetite.

All of a sudden, I was looking at a red horse with a blond mane and tail. He was standing inside a fenced-in area, in a sort of pasture, had noticed my presence, and was just gently, quizzically looking at my energy. I was shocked! I thought to myself almost immediately: “Oh dear, she’s going to think I’m crazy if I tell her I saw a horse!”

The session lasted a little bit longer, and the energy flowed really warmly to Speckle, who seemed to be really absorbing it on his end. I emailed my client immediately afterward; in spite of my apprehensions, I told her exactly what I had seen with her beloved Speckle. Once I’ve completed a session and I email the client with a description of how it went, including if I received any information or images, I wait to hear feedback.

I’m available for Reiki sessions for your pets. Please feel free to email me at or and let’s discuss your needs and concerns for your pets. Let Reiki help you and your pets feel more comfortable, balanced and at peace.

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