Pet Reiki Healing Sessions

reiki healing for pets(Pronounced RAY-KEY)

Nancy personally offers Reiki as a service to pets who may be experiencing health or behavioral issues. Reiki is a helpful technique for assisting animals who are experiencing life threatening illness or lack of confidence and anxiety. It is beneficial in restoring balance and an overall healthy and confident demeanor.

“Nancy has an amazing gift. I am sorry I waited so long to contact her. My dog April was just diagnosed with nasal cancer that has spread to the skull. Nancy did a Reiki session this past week. What an amazing outcome when she emailed me. I was in tears. Nancy picked up on things that I never even communicated with anyone.

Since the session, April has been at peace, I can sense her peace. She is like her old self, happy, going for walks, etc. This is clearly going to help April’s journey.

I will continue to schedule sessions with Nancy going forward.” – MW

What happens during Pet Reiki healing sessions?

small dog reiki healing handsDuring a Reiki session, Nancy opens herself to become a channel for divine healing energy and universal wisdom to flow through to the body of the patient (animal or human). Sessions can be brief or long depending on the need of the patient. Normally, multiple sessions are necessary.

A normal Reiki session includes placing hands on the head, shoulders, stomach and feet of the animal to creates a relaxed and peaceful feeling for the patient. It is both powerful and gentle and alleviates blockages of energy in the body, which creates many beneficial effects.

Additional Reiki Background

  • KI – is the universal energy of life.
  • REI is the wisdom that comes from God. It is all knowing and understands all life energy completely.
  • Rei flows thru all living things by means of Ki. Therefore, there is universal knowledge and wisdom present in every cell of every living thing.
  • Reiki is an ancient, oriental healing modality. It is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use.

“We at CLAWS, Inc. have been working with Nancy, the owner of Reiki for Pets International, for many years now with many of the injured wildlife that come in here. Wildlife can be particularly challenging because they do not have an inherent trust of humans, we always notice that the animal calms after working with Nancy. She will do Reiki long distance for some of the wildlife we get in that needs some healing energy. We have seen, firsthand how her work with these animals has helped a great deal in moving their recovery forward, both physically and emotionally (and we all know, sometimes the emotional side is more than half of the battle). Her feedback helps us in understanding where we need to focus more of our attention and she’s always willing to discuss things she may pick up that we might have missed. We are very grateful to have such a wonderful resource to call on!”

Kindra Mammone, CLAWS, Inc, 8/1/2016

Reiki – A Powerful Form of Energy

Reiki is often described in Western cultures as “spiritually guided life force energy“. The system of Reiki grew out of the teachings of Mikao Usui, a Japanese man who lived from 1865 to 1926. During his lifetime, he studied ancient religions and teachings.

reiki energy colors

While meditating on a sacred mountain one day, he received a powerful form of energy that knocked him unconscious for hours. He awoke feeling wonderful and refreshed and had the ability to call upon this newfound source of energy. He discovered that this energy had an amazing healing ability so he began to teach others how to access it.

The use of Reiki is available to everyone and has been successfully taught to thousands of people.

Video of Kristin Dickerson, reporter in Tulsa Oklahoma, and Karen O’Sullivan giving reiki to black kitten:

“Nancy came into my life from what I believe to be a divine intervention at a time when I had just been diagnosed with stage 4 kidney failure due to a Lupus flare – it was my first one and landed me in the hospital and eventually on Kidney Dialysis. Nancy performed many sessions for me during this time – not only was she incredibly compassionate, she was also highly professional. Because we were doing it at a distance, she always took a picture of her set-up, her crystals, the music so I could see the session even though I wasn’t there.

After each session my energy was drastically improved, my mood overall better and my healing process even shocked the doctors. Doctors told me I’d be on kidney dialysis for the rest of my life, and definitely medications for the rest of my life too. But, fortunately, I was taken off Dialysis after just a few weeks. I am 100% sure Nancy’s Reiki sessions played a huge part in that and I am forever grateful and indebted to her. She is incredibly talented. I wouldn’t think twice about recommending her – especially for your beloved fur babies!!!” – JA, Mississippi

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in a typical remote Reiki session for my pet?

reiki healing energyThe experience of receiving Reiki energy for humans and animals is very subjective. The effects are sometimes subtle or may be more dramatic. Your pet may be noticeably calmer, sleepier or even more energetic after a Reiki session. Reiki usually results in a more peaceful and comfortable state for both animals and humans.

A series of Reiki sessions is usually preferred as the Reiki energy may have cumulative effects and the pet may have deeper experiences with each session. Pets may be thirsty or have to relieve themselves soon after a Reiki session.

Reiki moves energy within the body and helps to open blockages and places where energy has become stuck and stagnant causing disease and discomfort.

How should I prepare my pet for the Reiki session?

Most sessions will last approximately 30 minutes. It’s preferable that your pet be calm and still during the session. Exercise and activity before the session is fine but should be curtailed about 30 minutes before the session is scheduled to start. This enhances a more receptive state. Animals don’t need to be perfectly still to receive the energy.

What happens after the session?

Nancy will send an email to you at the conclusion of each session. She will provide you with the start time, end time and description of energy flow. If your pet has communicated with images, information and sensations to Nancy, this will be included in your email. Something important to note here is that part of being a Reiki practitioner requires the removal of ego participation during the session. So while Nancy may receive information from your pet during the session, she doesn’t try to place definitions on the meaning of what she has seen or felt other than to describe the overall picture.

Please contact me for session availability and pricing.

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